Flexible sandstone - natural, decorative and versatile

The flexible sandstone from YTTERSTONE is a natural product grown in millions of years. With its special structure and the varied color, every sandstone is unique. Due to its flexible properties, the YTTERSTONE sandstone can be used in a variety of ways in the building of houses, for the sealing and design of exterior surfaces and façades and for the decoration and creation of a special interior atmosphere.

Due to the low wall thickness of 1 to 4 millimeters, processing on straight and rounded surfaces up to balls is possible. The YTTERSTONE sandstone can also be used to trim backlit surfaces and lamps inside and outside. Further information on the product YTTERSTONE® Sandstone can be found in our product brochure:

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YTTERSTONE Sandstintapete

In addition to the YTTERSTONE® sandstone dismantled in the quarry, we are able to offer a particularly thin form of the flexible sandstone as a so-called sandstone wallpaper. By producing this very thin, flexible sandstone in our in-house production, we can produce cheap decors in many different colors. Customized color variations can also be produced according to customer requirements.

From homeowners to architects and developers, the flexible sandstone from YTTERSTONE offers a cost-effective and effective way to utilize the special properties of the natural product sandstone for the upgrading of properties in the exterior and interior areas.

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Flexible sandstone from YTTERSTONE®

Product presentation of the flexible sandstone from YTTERSTONE®

1. What is YTTERSTONE®

Get to know the advantages and special features of YTTERSTONE®'s innovative, flexible sandstone.

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An overview of YTTERSTONE® sandstone decors

2. YTTERSTONE® decors

Get an overview of the many different color variations of the YTTERSTONE® sandstone decors.

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Processing tips of the flexible sandstone from YTTERSTONE®

3. Processing Tips

The flexible and flexible sandstone and the sandstone piles of YTTERSTONE® can be processed easily, quickly and simply.

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Use of YTTERRSTONE® flexible sandstone in the bathroom and wellness area

4. Application examples

In the application examples you can find references of past projects in the form of picture galleries.

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