The use of the flexible sandstone in the outdoor area and facades

Due to its small wall thickness of 1 to 3 millimeters, the flexible sandstone from YTTERSTONE® is a lightweight for the sealing of facades and walls. The sandstone can be applied to any façade, such as full heat protection, facades or plastered façades. The flexible sandstone from YTTERSTONE® can be processed with visible joints or seamless, even cracks up to 5 mm can be bridged.

Surfaces sealed with YTTERSTONE® sandstone are dirt-repellent and breathable due to their antistatic effect. In conjunction with the YTTERSTONE® special seal, the surface is additionally supplemented by a soldering effect, which makes the surface even more unaffected by contamination by natural or other influences such as Graffiti’s. YTTERSTONE® sandstone, in conjunction with YTTERSTONE®'s special seal, remains stable even under severe weather conditions, such as on the weather side or in the base area of the house.

In addition to the flexible sandstone, YTTERSTONE® offers a thermal insulation protection, which can be used both indoors and outdoors. The heat insulation is fire resistant (A1), breathable, waterproof and has excellent sound absorbing properties.

The flexible and flexible YTTERSTONE® sandstone gives you a real sandstone look in the façade and wall area as well as on columns. The outstanding properties of the flexible sandstone from YTTERSTONE® in combination with the YTTERSTONE® sealant and the YTTERSTONE® thermal insulation make the product a future-proof building material in the area of facades and exterior wall claddings.

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