Use of the flexible sandstone in the wellness area and in baths

With the flexible sandstone from YTTERSTONE® finally a seamless wall and floor covering in the bathroom and wellness area is possible. Due to the antistatic properties of the sandstone in conjunction with the soldering effect of the YTTERSTONE® seal, surfaces refined with YTTERSTONE® sandstone are dirt-repellent and lime-repellent.

These properties offer particular advantages in the area of bath and damp room, since the cleaning effort, even in wet and shower areas, is reduced to one third of the time compared to tile flooring. In addition sandstone floors offer the special feeling of barefoot running and are non-slip.

The flexible sandstone from YTTERSTONE®® is also ideally suited for paneling in the pool and water pool area. Due to its flexible properties and seamless processing, it can be used very well in this special environment up to 5 meters of water depth. Anyone who has ever felt sandstone under his feet while bathing in the swimming pool would not want to use any other material for this purpose.

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